Welcome to the Home Page of MultiProjX Contracting & General trading Co. Established back in 2006, we have been in the Kuwaiti market for many years gaining the best experience in planning and executing projects of all kinds.

With our business diversification we cover a lot of market sectors which other companies with expensive overheads find hard to cover. Our fully dedicated team well educated, trained and skilled is there to handle your projects properly with care. Clients are our main concern, and their satisfaction is the continuous goal which we look forward to maintain.  

We believe in human beings and consider them the main assets of MultiProjX, we also respect our clients´┐Ż brains, and acknowledge that there is a way always to achieve what they think of. This is why we discuss their needs thoroughly with them to meet their requirements at the lowest cost they would ever get from the market.

Why to hire us?

We work for you on full solutions for all the project phases. With good history in project execution, reliability and best costs ever; MultiProjX has always been the best.

Your dream is our project; we look for building up a reputation through best customer service and attention to all your worries.


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