We offer special business Consultation based on Customers needs, including marketing studies, management analysis and solution, and training sessions about different business aspects. Our training sessions include the following topics:

Handling Customers Objection. The method of Bonding businesses for Sales Staff, Customer Services staff , Sales Supervisors & Managers 3 days training each day 5 hours 

Sales Performance Management. The method of Controlling Target achievement & measuring Sales Plans success, for Sales Staff � Sales Supervisors & Managers. 1 day training of 5 hours

Digital Marketing Management. Keys to Social Networking Success & Digital Marketing Development 5 days training each day 5 hours

Writing Effective Policies & Procedures. For Divisions Managers, Personnel & Admin Managers. Includes a Workshop on writing One Policy and its Procedures . 2 days training each day 5 hours

Weekly Marketing Consulting. Offering a day-to-day marketing consulting over critical marketing aspects of your company, five times a week each visit one hour.

Building Social Media. Creating Social Channels & Network; and Feeding up with contents, design and Marketing (Ads Cost apart) on a Monthly Contract - one hour per day for 25 days/month.


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Consulting & Training:

Have been into this field since thirty three years; with accumulated experience in fields of Marketing, Sales and Business Development; we reached a stage where many companies in the Middle East are asking for our corporate and personal assistance to rectify or divert the course of their business, create business plans or setup their annual forecasts and address their administrative faults.

We worked for companies in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait helping them analyzing current businesses, Planning new ones and establishing profitable projects.

We work closely with our clients, as if we are part of their staff, we never take two jobs at a time. Prefer that we always deliver the job in hand before we move to another one, and this is the Key to the trust we earned.

We also provide professional translation for various topics including; legal, business, academic, medical. and industrial. All translation is performed by humans no machine, google, bing or any translation motors are involved.

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